Over the past two decades, Top Sky Line had earned a prestige place of one of the top companies of design and implementing CCTV solutions for banks, casinos, shopping malls, restricted areas, borders, port and cities. Each project with his own unique demands and requirements.

Our unique solutions is served more than 30 cities around the globe, and many more major clients.

Top Sky Line use the first-line-firms of CCTV equipment without any compromise. Containing smart analytical software and configuration for a total secure and confidence for clients around the globe in the private and in the public sector.

Our experience is prominent when it comes to tailor made solutions, on any surface, urban, special geographic area, sea and land. All with the right equipment and reliable implementation for any climate condition, corrosive, etc...

In collaboration with our specialty of a stable data flow transmission using wired and wide bandwidth wireless infrastructure. Access control and announcement systems, we provide the superior solution for safety, monitor and control solution for any need.

* As a policy of our company, we offers a free security-systems consulting, for more information please email us -