Safe City
Understanding the needs and translate them to Planning, Design, implementation and local training needs a unique expertise and experience, with more then 30 projects of safe and smart cities worldwide, Top Skyline is prominent in professionalism and accurate attitude, maintenance and support.

Top Skyline use the best equipment of Safe and Smart Cities system to enables monitoring and controlling the cityís daily routine and crisis situations in an effective and efficient way.

Comprehensive, smart and simple to operate system of CCTV`s, Annoumcement, Analitycal intelligent software, and reliable dedicated network, makes it easy and to locate an incident while started, and perform a fast response to eliminate crisis.

Top SkyLine tailored solution gathered all the information from the field onto a centralized data, and in a centralized control room location using a cutting-edge technology, to deliver the best command and control capabilities in order to alert, divert and handle existing or developing threats in a given area.

Our attitude is to make a process as simple and bright to the customer, and as partners we provide the best answer for any threat and need.

- Define the custmer needs, budget, goals
- Deep area examination, surface, buildings, energy, special area needs (humidity, Etreme temperature, bullet proof equipment, camouflage,fire resistence, etc)
- Network (wired, wireless)
- Setting project schedules
- Planning
- Designing
- Enbaling the exact high quality equipment
- Implementing
- QA
- Guidance and training to the local stuff
- Support and maintenance from A to Z