Marine & Offshore
Top Skyline wide range of specialist CCTV products, along with a vast expertise to meet the challenges of the demanding marine environment such as oil & gas maritime using special equipment thatwithstand the most corrosive atmosphere, stainless steel IP-based PTZ cameras that can be installed onboard all kind of vessels, oil tankers, container ships, LNG carriers, etc.

Top Skyline choose the highest quality static or PTZ cameras are made in corrosion resistant materials for maximum reliability and zero maintenance. that provides the best quality video in all environmental conditions. In particular the dual vision thermal imaging PTZ cameras are the optimal solution to constantly monitor onboard operations or detect threats from open sea. These devices provide full situational awareness to the security personnel to evaluate potential threats and initiate the appropriate response.

Our System is collaborated with Radar intruder detection, that covers a wide area and alert for suspective activities such as intrusion, breach, smugglers, terrorist etc.