Safe Border
National borders require sophisticated security that can detect and prevent unwanted infiltrations, illegal activities, national security events, Top Skyline offers a full solution of effective border security solution combines physical electrical fences along with surveillance and electronic reaction systems that can alert the relevant and available reaction forces in a timely manner.

Designated Border video & voice surveillance - large zoom, night vision, bullet proof, thermal vision, designed analytical software and control, and protection requires a 365 days and nights, combine this common solution with a sensored fance and a unique Radar that scan large area to detect, track and recognize unauthorized intruders- be they hostile forces, terrorists, smugglers or illegal immigrants or others.

The border may be a placed and set on a different ground surface, mountain, shoreline, sea or urban area, based on that, Top skyline designed a reliable solution that will notice any event and will last for years.our solution ensuring safety and protection around the clock.