Control Rooms
Top Skyline control rooms contains the latest approved technology of computers, screens, network, announce system, and analytic software with monitor control and actions as per incident.

The Implimitation of the control room contains furniture, cabling, access control, computers, storage, cutting-edge management software, network and cyber protection.

Top Sktline Control room is designed for the operators to perform auditing and tracing operations using control systems. Equipped with dedicated video screens, control room related furniture and rest area. Fully secured with access control, CCTV and alarm systems.

The Operation desktop is specifically chosen for technology-intensive control room environments where an open/group/single desktop solution is preferred.

Top Skyline solution designed as a human-centered by balancing comfort and functionality, the conceptual design is based on the followings:
- Comfort in normal workflow and in emergency.
- Work as a team and as individuals.
- Work flow analysis of collaboration among the group
- Visibility of large screens and the widths of corridors and space
- Physical secure, Cyber secure, Data secure, logs, backup, archive and audit.
- Facilities for job efficiency and pleasant environment.

As a part of the installation, we guide and train the local group on the management software, and share our wide knowledge of cause-and-affect actions, collaborated preparation for parades, demonstration, traffic jams, security issues, high crime neighborhoods, public parks, school and religious places.