Safe Area
Large areas security systems plan needs an outstanding knowledge and accuracy in every steps, Top Skyline is one of a few companies who holds an impressive track record of an entire population Island security area that includes urban, plantation, traffic,public gardens, wild nature and parking facilities.

Our crafted solution is a state of the art implementation of a long distance cameras, night vision, multi-zoom, all weathers resistance, alternate energy (Solar, batteries) area Radars and sensors, all reported to an analytical intelligent software, controlled and monitor by a centralized control room with trained stuff.

Top Skyline expertise tailors a solution based on the client needs, from the camouflage camera energized by solar power, connected to a centralized Radar unit, via a dedicated long range wireless network with wide bandwidth, to a state of the art designed control room with all the facilities, operate by a top skyline trained local group with equiped rangers cars, All planned, designed, installed and supplied by Top Skyline.