Access Control
The awareness of the crucial importance of design and configuring a physical access control systems is in our nature, dozens of clients, from office to classified Gov. buildings is our solid proof for our accuracy and design, improve and hardened existing methods and provides creative and efficient solutions, our strong added value comes with deep experience and knowledge of guidance method of work and control. Top Sky Line offers also holistic solutions of CCTV and analytics with access control. All in one place to monitor, trace and inspect.

Top Sky Line use the most reliable and proven hardware, RF, face recognition, biometric and more, for the best solution that brings the most value for money – a reliable total secure.

Top Sky Line is the right choice for those who sees the importance of security, and looking for the unique knowledge in the field that changed the picture from local integrator to a worldwide experience integrator, that was chosen by respectful business and the Israeli Gov. to perform a total access control solution for their offices, private and public areas.